Well Known Facts about Sparrows

Well Known Facts about Sparrows

Sparrows are small delightful birds which are usually found in tropical countries. These are beautiful to look at and also come with the sweetest voices. The following are some interesting facts about sparrows that are worth keeping in mind on the part of one and all. 

Cannot fly too high in the Sky 
Sparrows are birds that are unable to fly to high largely because of their miniature size. As a result, such birds often become prey for scavengers like crows or to predator birds like the hawks and eagles. Sparrows are rarely ever capable of defending themselves against attacks and do not have long lives. 

Have a Superior Vision and can Easily Spot Things from a Distance 
Sparrows are characterized by a superior vision and can spot even the minutest objects on the earth without any difficulty at all. These birds are fond of eating worms and small insects and are known to hunt for their food in the very early hours of the morning. 

Are the Quickest to Fly to the South 
Sparrows are the first to fly south for the winter as they are unable to bear the cold in any form at all. Sparrows don’t waste any time at all in taking every initiative that is needed to fly away from the colder northern countries to the warmer south. 

Light and Fragile Bodies 
Sparrows have very light and fragile bodies and tend to suffer from anxiety a good deal. If held in a person’s hand it may actually end up dying of fright.