Interesting Facts about Parrots

Interesting Facts about Parrots

Parrots are exotic birds that are mostly found in tropical destinations like South Asia, Southeast Asia and the region of Australasia. These come in a number of different colors and are birds that have quite a feisty temperament. There are many interesting points about parrots that are worth keeping in mind, if you are a lover of birds and wish to know as much about them as you possibly can.

Loves a Green Chili Diet

Parrots thrive on a green chilies diet. Feed it three to four chilies on a daily basis and you will find your bird feeling rather content.

Cannot be Found Flying in a Group

Parrots unlike birds in the northern countries do not have to migrate to the south to escape the winter. As a result you will never be able to see such birds flying in hoards. When parrots fly they are usually on their own and hardly ever accompanied by any of their species.

Known to Have a Bad Temper and Have to be Fed with Care

Parrots are known to have a terrible temper. If you have a pet parrot at home then you should be careful when placing food in its cage. It will feel the urge to bite your fingers off hence it would be a wise idea to wear some protective material.

Comes in a Number of Vibrant Colors

Parrots are normally green in color but at times these birds can be found in colors like bright orange and blue particularly those that are found in the countries of Australia and New Zealand.