How to teach your parrot to talk ?

How to teach your parrot to talk ?

Parrots are exotic and beautiful birds, and what attracts people even more to them, is their ability to speak. All of the parrot species have the required anatomy to imitate whatever humans say, or in other words " talk ".

This is definitely something unique, and something that sets them apart from other animals. Practically every parrot specie can talk, but the " problem  " is, some of them will simply mime while the other ones will really talk.

How to teach them to talk?

- Like every other animal, parrot remembers things mostly when he is younger, so if he lives in a family ( or whoever ) where people are very verbal, he will remember it, and soak it all in.

So try talking to your parrot, or simply talk enough when you are near him. If your bird is already talking or mimicking, that is a good sign.

With some of these species will be really easy to work, when it comes to talking ( Indian ring-necked parakeets, Eclectus parrots, Congo African grey parrots, etc )

- The easiest way for them to remember any word is to name the food you are giving to your parrot. For example, every time you want to give them something to eat, you first say the name of that food out loud, and then give them.

Or you can even teach them to greet you, by simply say HI or GOODBYE or whatever, whenever you are leaving or arriving.

There are several other techniques, but this is enough for the beginners.