Five birds found in Australia and nowhere else

Five birds found in Australia and nowhere else

Out of the 828 species of birds found in Australia, almost a half cannot be found anywhere else. The following are five birds found only in Australia.


The emu is the second largest bird after the ostrich and reaches up to 6.2 ft in height. It is a flightless bird that can sprint at 50 km/hr. It feeds on insects and plants but can go for weeks without eating. This bird breeds in May and June and the male bird does the incubating during which he does not eat. The chicks are nurtured by their fathers.

Western Spinebill

This bird is a honey eater. It has a gray back and wings, black head, and a red band behind the neck. Found in Western Australia, it feeds on nectar and breeds from September to January. Both parents continue to feed the fledglings for some time after they leave the nest.

Hooded Parrot

This bird is native to the northern territory of Australia. The female is a dull-green with a grey-brown head and pink under tail coverts. The upper parts of the male are brown, the tail is olive green with a pale blue tip, and the lower parts of the legs are turquoise.

Chestnut Teal

This duck prefers coastal estuaries and wetlands of Eastern Australia, Southern Victoria, and Tasmania. The female produces a loud laughing quack that is repeated nine or more times in quick succession. The female and male birds stay together to look after the young hatchlings.

Dusky Robin

This small bird is native to Tasmania. The female and male look alike; they have grey or olive-brown upperparts, a white shoulder edge, and white patch on the wings. They are not related to robins of North America and Europe. They breed from July to December.