A Peacock’s Tail And Feather Are The Most Beautiful Creations Of God

A Peacock’s Tail And Feather Are The Most Beautiful Creations Of God

A peacock is a beautiful bird that can stretch its wings in the most dramatic manner across the area it is standing on. This extensive and elaborate display is believed to be for the purpose of attracting the interest of the female variety of peafowl. Peafowl is the collective name for the male and female members of the species.

Their tails are typically iridescent. The tails and feathers make up more than 60 percent of a peacock's total length. There are colorful marking in the shape of an eye on a peacock's feather. They can be of blue, gold, red and many other colors.

Wild peafowls are known to roost in forest trees, although they have their nests on the ground. Male peafowls, or peacocks, are known to be polygamous. They are known to have many partners at a time. Peahens typically lay three to five eggs.

Peafowls are omnivorous in their diets. They peck and feed on whatever they can find on the ground like insects, plants and seeds. They are quite social in nature and prefer living in groups called parties.

Peacocks are known to inhabit the grasslands of India and Sri Lanka. These are blue in colour. They are also found in Java and Burma. These are green in color. One of their species is even known to exist in Africa.

Peacocks can be quite violent when confronted by fellow peacocks for competition inmates or territory. This is when they use the thorns or metatarsal spurs on their feet.