Importance of cleaning a litterbox for your cat

Importance of cleaning a litterbox for your cat

Whether you have one cat or multiple, maintaining proper hygiene is very important, especially when it comes to their litterbox.

No excuses. Cleaning it regularly is important to keep your cat healthy. Litter clumps, if not removed daily, will dry out and become a holding ground for bacteria. When this happens, your cat will most likely not even use the litter because she KNOWS that it is unhealthy and dirty. When you scoop out the clumps, replace them with a bit of fresh litter.

Cleaning the litter every week definitely requires work, so do your research before decide to get a kitty!  You will need to wash it with soap and warm water, right after emptying all the contents of the box thoroughly. After drying it out completely, replace with fresh litter.

What if you don’t have the time or inclination to clean it that often, or ever?

As mentioned earlier, too much dirty litter can offend the cat and it may stop using it altogether! That means that the cat will use other places in your home to go about doing its business. The house will start smelling of ammonia, which irritates the lungs.

When a cat gets sick, they can transfer the virus through their blood, saliva AND bodily waste. That means that if you have other cats, they might get sick too.

The consequences are just as bad for your cat. Dirty litter may make your cat hold their pee in for a longer period of time, which may result in blockages in their urinary tract or a UTI. This could prove fatal for your cat.

To prevent unnecessary ailments and to keep yourself and your cat healthy, ensure you clean your cat litterbox as often as you can.